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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

saying it with fashion :)

There's a piece i did a while back when i had just finished high school and only had the knowledge of homescience.
i had a pal model it for me and im so impressed as that  girl , shirleen went to  Elle Fresh face search and made it amond the top 5. so proud of you girl
the fabric , my ex boyfriend Kifle bought it for me when he d gone to visit egypt. a classic piece

proud of my self.
i think it's the best piece i ever did. sold it to a girl i knew at only 4000ksh.  i still dream of that fabric tho'....
9i didn;t so the black dress by the way )


  1. i remeber this piece. i think it's the best you ever did. you really inspire me big siz. thanx alot .

  2. welcome, i also loved that piece. it was my final project one btw.