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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Black Maxi

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Rocker chic

Friday, September 13, 2013

Amla Launch at Laico Regency - 11/9/2013

Hi Guys,

So I got this invite from the L'Oreal Team about the secret being out! Well,

There's how it looked like. 
I uploaded the video on my facebook profile -> about Caroline Mutoko - The MC of what exactly the secret was. The Secret was Amla Legend Relaxer. Funnily enough, haven't started using the other products that were in a hamper. I will probably start using the hamper when it's delivered to my office. 
There were models who walked down the runway, We so a before and after and and was so amazed at the results, I snapped a few shots as I knew I'd want to rave to you about it. I had heard a bit of buzz around the brand Amla Legend through various other beauty bloggers and vloggers, but hadn't followed up on it as I have enough hair styling products to last me a good while, and I'm genuinely happy with my current hair care routine. I also got the impression it wasn't the cheapest brand as it is the Mercedes benzof all the relaxers. 

Yes, it has a  budget friendly cost that could leave  it was so worth it. Obviously, if Amla does it for you, then continue to use that at a much more budget friendly cost, but this is like no other relaxer you have ever used. It's green. Not only does it make your hair voluminous, it also makes it so shiny. As you can see with the models the hair look so fresh. I

They say it has "patented polymers" to absorb oil, and plant extracts to hydrate and protect. They also say it leaves you with "full on glamorized hair that looks all voluminous all through which I 100% agree with. i can't wait to use it so that I can share with you the results. 

The Amla Models 

The marketing Director of Amla East Africa. 


Enjoy your weekend! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nairobi Fashion Week - Learn, build, Isnpire.

The Nairobi Fashion Week is the first ever of its kind, an fashion affair to be held on the 23rd to the 25th of August which seeks to celebrate the immense creative talent being nurtured in Africa through the fusion of a number of local Fashion Designers, Sponsors, Models, Publicists, Stylists, Models, The media, Exhibitors, Marketers, fashion bloggers and key industry stakeholders and fashion consumers from across the region and beyond as we sample and showcase the very best from East Africa's fashion hub, Nairobi to the rest of the globe. Our vision is to bring creativity and innovation to fashion and forecast the future of African fashion and synergize Kenya into the fashion world. It is a fashion incubation that brings together Fashion Designers, Sponsors, Models, Publicists, Stylists, Models, The media, Exhibitors, Marketers, fashion bloggers and key industry stakeholders and fashion consumers from across the region and beyond as we sample and showcase the very best from East Africa's fashion hub, Nairobi to the rest of the globe.The Nairobi Fashion Week proves to be more than just a glamorous event as we are in liaison with the charity initiative, The Lance Foundation. This is an initiative which seeks to support throat cancer patients through funding their treatment and we are more than honoured to be facilitating the treatment of three patients through this event. Here is how it works; a fraction of every ticket will be preceded towards The Lance Foundation. For example, from a regular ticket costing Kshs. 1,500/=, Kshs. 500/= will be donated to the charity initiative. A VIP ticket costing Kshs. 4,000 /= will contribute Kshs. 700/= to the same.
The Nairobi Fashion Week will hold its gala night on the 23rd of August which will be the opening night of the 3 day extravaganza at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. This evening will feature household names such as Enzie Porter, Hers by Hellinah Design, Bessy Bugo Jewelries, Kyoko Musemu, Atsenga Kreations, Naomy Design and Gonzala Leather. The following day, 24th day of August 2013, will showcase the best of Shenu Hooda, Atsabina, Afro Street Collection, Vaishali Creations, Severine Devaily and Zambarau accessories. Then after will be the Finale Night on the 25th of August which will mark the end of this auspicious fashion adventure. Here, we shall appreciate the works of Ebony by Rinda, Mohammed Bana, Hameed Abdul, Dafina Fashions, JM Designs and Daddy de Maximo (Rwanda).

The Nairobi Fashion Week will also feature photography, workshops and classes that will enhance knowledge transfer, information exchange and networking opportunities across board thereby nurturing platforms and engaging opportunities. In that light, save the date and get ready to LEARN. BUILD. AND INSPIRE. See you then!
Here's a schedule ---

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

RUPU SHOPS AND RUPU TRAVEL LAUNCH  or Have you been ? What are you waiting for.
So I was recently invited for a Rupu Launch on May 30th at Serena. This is how the invite looked like. 

This made me really try to figure out what was being launched. An elephant ? a shopping basket? So I chose to go witness instead. I went with my Friend Hellen. The Launch  was for the Rupu Shops and Travel that was being created. 

RupuTravel,, an online travel portal, will offer Kenyans the best selection for travel packages within the country.  RupuTravel is targeting the Kenyan domestic traveller, and delivers enticing offers on diverse locations, across the country.

RupuShops  An online-shop where customers can choose from over 1,300 Fashion, Electronics and Home & Lifestyle products, RupuShops will provide support the local market by giving any Kenyan entrepreneur an opportunity to feature their goods for free.  Customers can pay via MPesa, Cash on Delivery or Debit and Credit Cards.

 Here are some of the pictures from the Launch 

With that Said, Do you see yourself using it anytime soon ? I definitely will! i'll buy my fashion stuff there and maybe even sell ? 

What do you think ?

Thursday, May 23, 2013

BB Garnier Launch( The 2 months later post)

I recently attended the BB Garnier Launch, By recently, maybe I should write 2 months ago. I'm sorry for the late post, My blog was experiencing some problems. L'Oreal was launching a new foundation to the Kenyan Market, Well, i was invited by the Marketing Director Winnie Gor. We did a test and it was the perfect foundation for my skin. The dark one infact was the one. The event had people from all over in the Fashion Industry.
Here are some of the pictures from the Launch.

This is what I wore - I mixed Fuschia w/ Leopard Print. The whole Outfit is from Mr. Price apart from the Bag and Watch. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.