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Friday, September 13, 2013

Amla Launch at Laico Regency - 11/9/2013

Hi Guys,

So I got this invite from the L'Oreal Team about the secret being out! Well,

There's how it looked like. 
I uploaded the video on my facebook profile -> about Caroline Mutoko - The MC of what exactly the secret was. The Secret was Amla Legend Relaxer. Funnily enough, haven't started using the other products that were in a hamper. I will probably start using the hamper when it's delivered to my office. 
There were models who walked down the runway, We so a before and after and and was so amazed at the results, I snapped a few shots as I knew I'd want to rave to you about it. I had heard a bit of buzz around the brand Amla Legend through various other beauty bloggers and vloggers, but hadn't followed up on it as I have enough hair styling products to last me a good while, and I'm genuinely happy with my current hair care routine. I also got the impression it wasn't the cheapest brand as it is the Mercedes benzof all the relaxers. 

Yes, it has a  budget friendly cost that could leave  it was so worth it. Obviously, if Amla does it for you, then continue to use that at a much more budget friendly cost, but this is like no other relaxer you have ever used. It's green. Not only does it make your hair voluminous, it also makes it so shiny. As you can see with the models the hair look so fresh. I

They say it has "patented polymers" to absorb oil, and plant extracts to hydrate and protect. They also say it leaves you with "full on glamorized hair that looks all voluminous all through which I 100% agree with. i can't wait to use it so that I can share with you the results. 

The Amla Models 

The marketing Director of Amla East Africa. 


Enjoy your weekend!