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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Graduation : How to dress for it

As you all know, especially my twitter followers, i am graduating on Saturday , 30Th June. Cannot wait. I will be graduation with a double major in a Marketing and advertising. in short 2 degrees in those. 

Tips on how to dress for it- 

Considerations for Commencement Day:

* Dress to impress.
You’ll be taking a ton — and I mean dozens and dozens — of photos. Today is not the day to sleep in and forget to shower. Pick out something conservative but still sassy to wear. You’ll want to look like the mature adult you’re about to become, but still look great and age-appropriate. Take the extra time to straighten or curl your hair, throw on a little concealer, and put your best face forward. Trust me — you’ll be thankful you did once those photos hit Facebook (or, are framed and placed over the fireplace at your parents’ house!). i can say that based on other people's experience. 
* Plan what to wear under your robe.
Some people assume that what they wear on graduation doesn’t matter because it will be covered up by a bulky robe. I completely disagree — wearing something great underneath your robe is important for several reasons:
  • First of all, you might not have time to change between the ceremony and dinner with your extended family, your best friend’s graduation rager, or your last night on the town with your best friends. You’ll want to have something on that’s cute and stylish so you can leave college with a bang.
  • Secondly, I have one tip for you all that that a close friend of mine tells she always wished someone had told her a year ago when she graduated – wear a dress with pockets! Carrying a purse –even a cross-body bag — will look really strange while marching down the procession with 500+ of your classmates. Leave your wallet and such in your car (or with your parents if possible) and only keep your keys, phone, and a camera with you.
  • Also, it’s important to wear something somewhat sleek. A graduation robe will add enough bulk on its own, so a really full skirt will look strange under it. If a skin-tight bandage dress just isn’t your thing, look for relaxed-cute items that will be comfortable but not add any extra volume.
  • Lastly, check the weather. Nothing will cramp your style quite like freezing (or burning up) while you’re trying to listen to a graduation speech.
* Consider footwear.
The only part of your outfit that people will be able to see is your shoes, so wear a cute, somewhat dressy pair, and be sure to paint your toenails, too! Sexy, sky-high stilettos might be a little inappropriate, but the occasion calls for something fancier than a pair of sandals. I would recommend a pair of wedges or 2-3 inch heels — this way, you’ll look great but still be able to walk the long distance they’ll probably have you march. Be sure to break in your shoes and practice walking in them before the date arrives – the last thing you’d want to do is fall down or be uncomfortable during Commencement!
* Step up your makeup.
Now is definitely not the day to experiment with new looks, but it’s not a bad idea to wear eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick if you’re comfortable with it. This way, you’ll look great in the far-away pictures your parents will take from the audience!
* Have some fun!
Small pranks — like decorating your graduation cap or writing your fictitious Facebook middle name on the card you give to the announcer before walking across stage — can be a fun way to personalize your experience. Of course, this all depends on what kind of school you go to and what kind of rules have been laid out.  LOL ! like daystar. mmmmmh. Be sure to keep it very subtle though; don’t be the girl that brings a blow-up beach ball or blowhorn to the fancy event!

To all daystarians, see you on Saturday for the Graduands. HAPPY GRADUATION!!

Monday, June 11, 2012


DATE: Thursday 28th June 2012
TIME: 7:00pm till late
CHARGES: Ksh. 5,000 per person (Advance Tickets)
VENUE: MayFair Hotel 
This is your chance to take part in something that will change someone else’s life. Nairobi South Y’s Men and Youth International Clubs  (volunteer service arms of the YMCA) are organising one of the most glamorous fashion events dubbed ‘Fashion with a Purpose’ featuring young talented designers who are yet to be discovered. And we here at are very proud to be associated with such inspiring endeavours of giving back to the community.
The event aims to bring together a variety of young individuals who are in the field of design; either by talent or acquired skill. The show will feature a list of never seen before work from various designers.
‘Fashion with a Purpose’ is a great initiative and through sponsorship and support the Club intends to use the proceeds from the event to give talented undiscovered designers an opportunity to market themselves, create a sustainable supply chain for the designer(s) in Europe and help the club continue changing the lives of the community around them the first being a medical camp to be held in July of 2012.

Join them on Saturday 16th June 2012 at Nairobi Safari Club Hotel – Mawingu Hall (Lilian Towers) and help them change someone’s life