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Saturday, August 27, 2011


SHE IS the queen of twitter fashion, if you are an aspiring stylist, an aspiring turbanist ,you need to know this name, know it well ! f.y.i she takes her photos with her phone... she likes keeping her followers up with her chronicles on twitter. if you aren't following her, please do
June Ambrose has been in the fashion styling business since 1990. She has a great relationship with music video director Hype Williams. She styled music videos like Missy Elliot’s “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”. Her biggest client is Sean “Diddy” Combs.

christian Roth Shades, Balenciaga Bags  
Bond7 vintage kimono,TopShop jeans,Bottega Sandals
JUNE AMBROSE- she is a celebrity fashion stylist to
Stella McCartney Tee,Zara skirt,YSL jkt,Gucci Sandals,Eugenia Kim

Marc Jacobs pants,Donna Karan Shoes,Barney's Coop Tee

!McQueen's British Military Inspired Over Coats

Lacoste Polo,Vera Wang Necklace,Zara Skirt

her turban and hats

When you have style as fabulous and unique as June Ambrose’s, designing is a natural progression. So i am not surprised—but  indeed thrilled—to find out June is launching a line of turbans and also her own website

Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose Launching ‘Juniverse’ Fashion Website, Launching in August 2011.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

STYLE PROFILER: DIYA from In Her Stilettos

A chemical engineering student and undergrad researcher by day, fashion and personal style blogger by night. This is a fashion blog straight out of Austin that i totally adore. it's like my daily read. i found it a week back  from Lookbook and i fell in love with it.
her style is elegant office casual  with bohemian twist. such LUX ♥

for More check out her blog
good day

Monday, August 22, 2011

collage ♥

1. I'm the first granddaughter from one of my families; even though i come from a polygamousfamily. because of this I was a very spoiled kid and I had almost everything I wanted. Then my cousin was born and I was forgotten haha.

2. I don't eat things that have something to do with bones, I just can't! I feel disgusting eating gelatine (for those who don't know, it's made with animal's bones) or some parts of the meat that have too much bones.

3. I met my current boyfriend on the first semester of university;
4. I'm agnostic and I hate religion fanatics.

5. I'm very clumsy when walking with heels or wedges, I never have to watch my step because if I never fall or trip :P

6. I lost my father when I was only14 years old. He was a very handsome business man.
7. I cried with Black Swan because it reminded me of a girl who used to be my friend. She is the only girl I have ever loved, and I still miss her.

8. I love danger.

9. Sometimes I'm afraid of saying a word wrong if i'm not exactly sure how it sounds, and I prefer to say that I don't remember it. Yesterday I found out is called hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia and i'm trying to fix it.

10. I hate, hate, HATE when people talk about my body. Sometimes I wish I could be cruel and tell them they're too small, too big, too fat, too stupid... but I'm not that kind of person.
love the collage ?
yeah that's me trying to play around with photobucket collage. tyhis photo was taken randomly in some shoot i was styling. it was a test shoot.  
Blazer -topshop
Jeggings-  American Apparel
shoes- tory burch
slouchy tee-  American Apparel
Earrings- Malika
good day

Thursday, August 18, 2011

those poor feet

Beauty fashion is unconventional. In every woman's life there is the situation of going out with our newest, taller and killer high heels to dance, to a party or just because we want to. We know what is going to happen after a few hours, we know our feet are going to hurt like hell very soon, yet we still do it. We still stop at every window store looking at high-heels deciding which one we should buy next time, even if we have realized we aren't going to use them that often (as a friend said, a woman can never have enough bags and shoes).

The reason is simple: we're short, our legs are short, we like them, we like the sound of the heels while we walk, we feel prettier, we want a heels collection, we need them in all colors, we need a pair for december , another for april mer and an intermediate one too, we want to have them in different textures, we have a fetish with shoes.

From the simpliest reason to the most extreme one, we can't deny high-heels are never going to be out of trend so it's a good investment (well, that's what I like to say to my boyfriend even if he doesn't ask). Take care of your feet with cream, exfoliation and adhesive bandages. And let's thank fashion for wedges, flats and sandals :)

Also, after reading about this woman who owns more than 1,200 pairs of shoes (700 of them are Louboutin) I cannot feel bad about spending on shoes!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


how have you guys been ?
this is a random post im writing  with my phone, i really want, no i need a camera to be taking my daily outfit posts . And this is what i have in mind .i am really tired of posting some fishy posts like this one now. about a camera ?? seriously ???

hope i get it soon

canon DSLR
with that said, i know they are many people who love me and care. please do something.
have a great weekend