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Monday, August 22, 2011

collage ♥

1. I'm the first granddaughter from one of my families; even though i come from a polygamousfamily. because of this I was a very spoiled kid and I had almost everything I wanted. Then my cousin was born and I was forgotten haha.

2. I don't eat things that have something to do with bones, I just can't! I feel disgusting eating gelatine (for those who don't know, it's made with animal's bones) or some parts of the meat that have too much bones.

3. I met my current boyfriend on the first semester of university;
4. I'm agnostic and I hate religion fanatics.

5. I'm very clumsy when walking with heels or wedges, I never have to watch my step because if I never fall or trip :P

6. I lost my father when I was only14 years old. He was a very handsome business man.
7. I cried with Black Swan because it reminded me of a girl who used to be my friend. She is the only girl I have ever loved, and I still miss her.

8. I love danger.

9. Sometimes I'm afraid of saying a word wrong if i'm not exactly sure how it sounds, and I prefer to say that I don't remember it. Yesterday I found out is called hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia and i'm trying to fix it.

10. I hate, hate, HATE when people talk about my body. Sometimes I wish I could be cruel and tell them they're too small, too big, too fat, too stupid... but I'm not that kind of person.
love the collage ?
yeah that's me trying to play around with photobucket collage. tyhis photo was taken randomly in some shoot i was styling. it was a test shoot.  
Blazer -topshop
Jeggings-  American Apparel
shoes- tory burch
slouchy tee-  American Apparel
Earrings- Malika
good day

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