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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hello, Her name is Nifesimi.  A Nigerian fashion enthusiast/stylist and her blog skinny hipster  gives an insight on her personal style. 
Her style is elegant and Chic with a mix of Bohemian in it 
I think her style best adresses how i love wearing, i 'd wear any of her outfits without changing anything.  

i d rock this look any day

and this

this is how i dress on daily basis if you ever met me , she got style like mine !

enticed ?

have a fab weekend !

Monday, October 24, 2011


the pictures do speak for my heart desires. i got love, i really love my boyfriend so much. always a pleasure being with Him, I love you , Ed.  

Images : fashion gone rogue

Saturday, October 15, 2011


My beloved friend, sister and tribesmate LamaranA M. Bah. i find her really fashionable. With her exotic curves, she makes everything she wears look Fashionable. From the dresses she likes to even a swim suit...
She is a fashion PR IN NEW YORK.
Find her on Fb: Lamarana M. bah 
twitter: @LamabahPR

Notice the animal print swim suit ! #win !!

Ankara Shorts ! very few people pull this look off !

denim jacket, maxi w/ box braids !
#tripple lux !

boyfriend blazer and ankle booties, she really rocked Malikiritis

Eye wear Malikiritis ...

Exotic curves ...

Stay Fashionable !

Friday, October 7, 2011


Treasure Bazaar & Crafts Fair
Date: 15th-16th October 2011

Time: 10am-6pm

Venue: Adarms arcade Parking Lot  The Treasure Bazaar will consist of two options for display of goods:
 Option 1: Car Space - sellers will be given a standard parking space to park their cars. The spaces will be allocated as reserved. This car space will be charged at Ksh.1000 per day.
 Option 2: Table Space - sellers may also be allotted a table space to display their items. This will come with two chairs. The space will be allocated as reserved. This space will be charged at Ksh. 3,000 per day.
Payment Method and conditions:
 Kindly Mpesa, your selected options to 0723 313 048, Serah Njoki.
 All payments should be sent by 13
 Only fully paid for spaces shall be reserved on a first come basis.
 Refunds can only be claimed before the 13
The organizing company reserve the right to accept or reject application for spaces. It shall not be liable for failure to carry out any contract owing to an act of God, war strikes, lock-outs, fire, storm, weather, breakdown of machinery or any other cause above and beyond our control.
Come and have Fun !

All sellers must report at 9am for setup

Thursday, October 6, 2011

sunnies suited for the shape of your face ♥

Today was walking aroungd town after having lunch with my boyfriend. i saw someone who made me think sunglasses and shapes of their face ! Most people don’t realise this but your face shape plays a fairly big role in what sunnies you should be donning to look your best.
so in short, the girl i saw wasnt wearng sunnies suited for her
Triangular/Heart face:
    You are best going with some glasses that are curved on the top with an enhanced lower frame; the rounded edges will work wonders in balancing a wide forehead and smaller chin.
     Avoid wired frames and DEFINITELY avoid wayfarers as they emphasize your wide forehead. Go for large glasses that are slightly rounded to balance out your features. like aviators ...
Square Face/Strong Jaw:
    The styles for men and women differ a bit for this one but are as follows: guys are going to want to go with sharp angles (preferably clear) to give your face a stronger and edgier look; women are best going with curvy sunnies to compliment your angular jar – cat’s eye or nice round pair would do wonderfully.

Oblong/Long Face:
     Hatch sunglasses with vintage or something a little bit more decorative work great with your face type. Generally, anything with round or rectangular lenses that are encased in oversized frames are going to hit the spot for you.People with oval faces look great in any hairstyle, and sunnies are no different! i would suggest trying out those daring wrap-around sunnies as they’re flattering and definitely different. Something those with other face shapes wouldn’t be able to pull off!
round Face ( like me ) your face is round and your features are not particularly sharp and prominent, it is best to add some angles to your face. How? With square sunnies of course! The square or rectangular frames will make your features appear sharper and give your face a more chiseled appearance.

in other news , i got somu buns, check them out from the side
have a good one

Monday, October 3, 2011


VIA Fashiongonerogue 


it was one of those days, the day had been so slow and boring, then i got a call.
Hi shitawa,
Are you coming to the Kiko Romeo Launch At Yaya?
i said yes without hesitating.
Random plot so excuse me if im not in a dress.
I saw Nancie Mwai of fashion notebook  and she took a picture of me . You can check out the rest of the pictures from the launch here

Fedora hat- Adams
Brogues - Thrifted
Only Jeans - from Adams
Invito Bag - Jamia Mall
Purple Phone cover- Mr. Price
neckpiece,Ring, bracelets, earrings - Mr. Price
have a blessed monday