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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Mmmmh, well, well, where do i start ? I was invited for the Miss World Kenya on Saturday at Film studios. 
History about Miss Kenya -
Kenya has not been left out in the prestigious event .In 2003, Miss World Kenya:–the oldest and most widely recognized pageant in the country took on a positive turn under the management of Ashleys Kenya Limited starting a journey of status restoration and re invigoration.

Ashleys Kenya; proprietors of Ashleys Hair & Beauty Academy, has over the years been associated as a key player within the beauty and pageantry industry. Its concerns regarding management, low publicity and general public interest and perceived lack of commitment during previous years prompted the company to acquire the franchise for the pageant.
Cecilia Mwangi, Former Miss Kenya, Miss Kenya 2011 and Terry Mungai of Ashley's 
Backstage with the top 5 

Shamim being crowned by Miss World 2012 and Miss Kenya 2011 Susan Anyango 
Fatou Hassan getting Miss World make-up done. 

Shamim recieving her 1 million from EABL- the sponsors of the event
Tony Chira, Shamim and Molly of Miss World 

Well , the fashion in the event, people were well dressed. I was impressed and as for the food, yummy. I'm a fashion foodie. Since it was an event sponsored by EABL( East African Breweries Limited) i got to taste snap for the first time, and let me just say, i ended up drinking it the rest of the night. I was drinking baileys initially . Well i had snap moments most of the night. I met Kenyan stylista and hanged out with Wambui mukenyi, one of the best galas i admit to having attended.
bailey's twitpic

This is WHAT I WORE. : Snapped up, am i not ?

Friday, May 25, 2012


When it comes to the modelling industry, appearance is just everything, and the most basic way to go for an audition is too look as natural and radiant as possible.

First, when it comes to the clothes, make it simple and clean. Don’t wear anything distracting that will take their focus off of you and instead pay attention to it. Here are some few tips I learnt from watching the girls at the Miss Kenya Auditions over the 3 weeks it’s been airing on KTN at 8.00p.m.

Make sure everything you have on is form-fitting and compliments your body shape. You can wear a pair of dark denim jeans, fitted or skinny, and a simple tank top. Feel free to wear any color that isn’t too bold. Like these women were well dressed. Blank Tank tops, dark denims and heels.

Make sure you do not show too much skin or too much chest, as this will take their focus off of you as a complete package. A pair of simple black stilettos should be your shoe of choice. They will give you more height as well as accentuate your legs.
The complete package should be a pale colored tank, skinny jeans, black stilettos, hair down, natural looking face. Remember no outfit is complete without a smile and confidence, so make yourself shine and catch their eye to get the Miss Kenya Title. So this Saturday, make sure you join the girls in their journey towards the title at 8.00 p.m. on KTN.

By: Shitawa Bah
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