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Thursday, December 16, 2010

j bolin the celebrity fashion stylist and the man i adore fashionwise .

J.Bolin has built his reputation to be one of the worlds most sought after Fashion Stylist and Designer. They say a journey starts with a single step. In knowing that to be true, Jason took that first step, and business started briskly. Quickly, Jason (better known in the industry as J.Bolin) became a runway success as his lavish fashion shows and eccentric twists of designs of fashion styling and designing caught on with his idiosyncratic-yet-sophisticated clientèle.

 His Passion is a big driver for him; he loves what he does. His talent offers him the ability to be happy while making others happy. Jason’s fashion sense reflects his happiness and he hopes his styling will give people the permission to be truly who they are individually.

Born and raised in Roxie, Mississippi, Jason knew he was not meant for mediocrity. While in college at Alcorn State University, Jason took another step to make that very notion a distance inclination. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology.

J.Bolin is one of the industry’s most trusted and recognizable style experts with a huge clientele from some of today's and yesterday's greatest grammy award winning entertainers, actors and actresses, NFL players and their wives, and pageant queens:
Chrisette Michelle
Terri Vaughn
Mary Mary
Cassandra Wilson
Nicole Wray
America's Next Top Model Winner: Naima
BET's Baldwin Hills: Aysia Rowe
Kim Burrell
Lisa McClendon
Dewayne Woods
Melinda Watts
Myron Butler
Dathan Thigpen
NFL Player Ken Lucas
NFL Player/Actor Karon Riley
Miss Mississippi 2007: Kimberly Morgan
Miss Black Mississippi 2006: Latasha Seliby
CW's Entertainment Host: Tambre Cherie

His work illustrates a meaning or purpose unlike any other; it speaks for itself. No explanations needed. From image consulting to men & women makeovers to fashion and wardrobe styling to photo shoots, Jason is a master of taking simple and turning it into fabulous.
will post some of his works next time i blog
Jason's whole aim for the J.Bolin Business is to have self-expression as a stylish couple/family (his wife Nicole and son Denim Nicholas included), and to create a Godly reflection in all they absolutely and passionately love, which is "Defining The Hidden Qualities Within Each Individual."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Public demand

People have been inboxing me asking why havent posted anything on my blog for the past two days. Thanks to all that read my blog. And again i say thank you. Im blogging today using my phone, i will blog later in the day about my greatest inspiration in the fashion world.
Have a good day

Sunday, December 5, 2010

loud red

i m really in love with rihannas new red hair do, especially in her video , only girl in the world
an ft Drake - what's my name ?

i love that stripped blazer, wearing one today but its vlack.

her ankle boots, * her pendant *
by the wat did you notice that she is also wearing ankle boots with socks ?
utilize your socks like her .

those two photos were for taken before the shoot and in between.

knee high socks and cashmere grandma sweaters *

i love the cosette and the denim shorts.
the nail polish is just the perfect colour for a dark woman like me :)
this video had the best styling compared ot all the other videos rihanna has ever did.
thanks to all that read my blog

Saturday, December 4, 2010

utilizing your socks :)

i always wanted to be a part of this movement
and by movement ,i mean people who wear socks with shoes or ankle boots. Im a great fan of stockings,socks and anything that covers the legs tightly just like tights * tii hii *
Whether or not the idea thrills you, the evidence is clear: wearing ankle socks under your favourite pair of heels is no longer a faux pas. If you're skeptical it's time to start looking on the bright side - socks are cheap, won't take up lots of space in your wardrobe, and are wholly practical. And while ankle socks with sandals may be a big trend currently, im here tell you they'll also be perfect for indulging in.

  Fall 2010 fashion trJonathan Saunders Fall 2010e

one of my favourite bloggers does so too :)# kelly framel from the glamourai

nds.and ...



try out the look and you might just end up looking awesome
not everyone would look good in it

Friday, December 3, 2010

house comodore( my new house ) but i desire to be inspired.

i have recently moved to a house and i really want to make it a fashion dome :* it's a studio house. something like this .. just almost

so i think i need eldrids handing on the wall

with a sea of shoes like these

and a blosoem

with such artwork too:)*
Lorissa Kimm is a phenomenal architect who, while growing up in Tokyo, became interested in architecture after being inspired by the juxtaposition of ancient Shinto shrines and avant-garde modernist buildings. Her designs focus on the purity of forms and clean lines, a love of materials and light, a respect for balance and nature. There is no need for artwork when you have such beautiful architecture and surreal views to please the eye.

maybe i ll get one from an artist i know at yaya.
when i get money, im so going to shop for all of these
i hope i will get all of these.
immediately i do, will make sure i blog about the fully furnished house