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Friday, December 3, 2010

house comodore( my new house ) but i desire to be inspired.

i have recently moved to a house and i really want to make it a fashion dome :* it's a studio house. something like this .. just almost

so i think i need eldrids handing on the wall

with a sea of shoes like these

and a blosoem

with such artwork too:)*
Lorissa Kimm is a phenomenal architect who, while growing up in Tokyo, became interested in architecture after being inspired by the juxtaposition of ancient Shinto shrines and avant-garde modernist buildings. Her designs focus on the purity of forms and clean lines, a love of materials and light, a respect for balance and nature. There is no need for artwork when you have such beautiful architecture and surreal views to please the eye.

maybe i ll get one from an artist i know at yaya.
when i get money, im so going to shop for all of these
i hope i will get all of these.
immediately i do, will make sure i blog about the fully furnished house


  1. Heeee! I'm now looking for my own style of house!!! I so love your taste! especially the eldrids hanging on the wall post :)

  2. Thanx ellah, i hope i ll get the eldrids soonest.
    Thanx for checking out my blog.

  3. I love this house....will def emphasis on interior design of my crib....i love the concept here.