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Sunday, December 5, 2010

loud red

i m really in love with rihannas new red hair do, especially in her video , only girl in the world
an ft Drake - what's my name ?

i love that stripped blazer, wearing one today but its vlack.

her ankle boots, * her pendant *
by the wat did you notice that she is also wearing ankle boots with socks ?
utilize your socks like her .

those two photos were for taken before the shoot and in between.

knee high socks and cashmere grandma sweaters *

i love the cosette and the denim shorts.
the nail polish is just the perfect colour for a dark woman like me :)
this video had the best styling compared ot all the other videos rihanna has ever did.
thanks to all that read my blog


  1. i agree.
    this was the best syling i have seen in all her vids

  2. bbbbbbbbbbvr.
    the red is pschynie :)*

  3. bvvred than you though. i love this video. the red was just bvvvvvred the end !