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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Neck piece love :-

 I found my new love, not so long ago, maybe three mothns ago when i went to window shop at Mr. Price with my good friend Jazmine.
as usual we saw the same old stuff , but that day we saw a neck piece. the golden one in the picture below.I was impressed and the first thing i told my self was "that is a must get". But my friend Jazmine bought it for me as a surpise * aint she just sweet ?*

from that day forth , i have become an accessoriholic. huh ! a fashionista word meaning obsessed with accessories .
i want one, i want all .

necklace Gorgeous Design Of Belle Epoque Diamond And Natural Pearl Necklace

they have been labelled Chains of wrath .. i wonder why.
 good day readers


  1. me three.
    i remeber that day.
    random shopping as always after i got paid / rotflmbao !

  2. awwwwwh. muns. thanx . in fact you should bring one of them as a gift when you are coming

  3. miss jaz,
    i made you one. but you ll buy it .hahah