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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

from Athi and V'road with love :) PAVE SWAG

Yesterday was the day it's time i became. since i was looking so good( forgot to take myself a pic ) who does that. ?? i Guess a fashionista that loves also what others wear.
n'hu i met this girl gathoni,at a packing lot and i thot .mmmmh. perfect for blogging about. she had mad malikiritis
she really  looked good.

killer peep toes booties from Sylvia owori. she got them for around 5,000ksh.

oooh. wait is that a brooch she had on ?? talk about real swag.

her neck piece , priceless.
..she offically made my day
Then i went to Athi river
what pal Nduku ...

her dress, let's just say not from around here. and the sandals i liked, they are from adams. she bot them for around 1500. the cardigan ..cashmere. 1600 ksh . and the belt. had an upclose photo but it went bonkers when it saw my usb.* no pun intended*
take a look at her bag
yeah you saw that right , it's a JIMMY CHOO .not fake .just real ! huh

thAT WAS A BLISSFUL DAY  and also linda had some killer earrings.
i loved the exquisite colour :)
let me go do lunch with Ed. my boyfriend.

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