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Sunday, November 7, 2010

from London with love :)

today it's not shitawa blogging, im blogging about this love i show for my sister. im in Limkokwing doing a BA in wadrobe styling. cool right ?
got a couple of stuff to show you about my wardrobe love. maybe i ll create my own blog one day but not today. i ll stick with my sister's. (im so lazy when it comes to starting stuff, unlike malika) got this clique of friends i school with and we love fashion and photography.
check out me shoes here, bought them in london fashion week, this month i have been head over heels for neon, *no pun intended*

me, cathryn and lamae, and her  :)

my time machine ....

my boyfriend's, RAF's, shoes

melly and i ,

that's the full photo to the outfit i was wearing that day with melly.

will try to be posting full photos next time. have a good day my sister's and i readers.
lmao ! im grateful ot my sister for giving me this chance to be blogging here more often.
she is an angel. i dont even think i will open my blog (malika dont kill me ) i ll stick with this one.


  1. cant stop staring at this blog. it's hot

  2. you did good. the cam, awww. and then you know the yellow border just limes the phtos.
    thanx m. i think you are a natural blogger,
    it's in you .
    you are just the best .thanx for being the best siz .