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Monday, February 21, 2011

the high waisted skirt

These have been on the catwalks and in the magazines for more than 5  years now, but as we all know, street fashion usually has a considerable lag on designer couture. Celebs are often the major trendsetters, as they have the means and the publicity to promote their favoured designs, and once enough celebs have been snapped wearing a certain style, it filters down to the most fashion conscious members of the public, and so on (see The five levels of fashion). This process sometimes takes years, depending on how unusual the new design is.
but that has not been exactly the same when it came to high waist skirts
high waisted skirt             
classic look
high waisted skirt     
the corporate look .how do you wear high waisted skirts out?  You don’t want to look like you’re headed to a business meeting, and we think the key is sleeveless, sleeveless, sleeveless.  Consider this look, paired with fun red heels or black but with red.

the casual look :) the one we now lovehigh waisted skirt

The high waisted skirt is one such example of this lag phenomenon. Because we've all been wearing skirts on our hips for years, having a waistline that was six inches higher felt - and looked - distinctly odd at first.
High waisted skirts and pants are super-stylish (I just bought three pair of high waist pants and two skirts for my wardrobe!) but remember they can be a little tricky on a short waist because they tend to visually shorten it. However there is a  styling trick to make it work for you, which is:
Streamline your outfit with a layering that 'connects' with the bottomYou can also work around the rule by wearing a vest or cardigan that matches with the color of the bottom to skim over the point where your waist has been shortened. So despite your short waist you can still wear a high waisted bottom like that girl in that picture  provided :-)

high waisted skirt

high waisted skirt
high waisted skirt

Keeping the rest of your outfit simple when wearing a high waisted skirt is an absolute must. They look best with plain tank tops tucked in, and ballet flats or simple heels. Unlike high waisted jeans, they are a flattering style for most figures, especially when the skirt falls just above the knee. Wear the classic high waisted pencil skirt in black or grey for work, and the fuller tulip-shaped or A-line high waisted skirt in bright colours (preferably floral) on your days off. Here are some photos of celebs wearing the different incarnations of the high waisted skirt, for your style inspiration.

high waisted skirt lauren conrad
lauren conrad in her high waist skirt
high waisted skirt celebrity

Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna and Ashlee Simpson

F.Y.I :avoid the stockings( such a naughty trend in Nairobi nowadays, the girls wear stockings with everything and mixing the colours too making nairobi on a friday/saturday loook like a rainbow citiy !!)
Enticed ??


  1. im wearing one today !
    without stockings .

  2. hahaha. you r a funny one.
    good t know n post wen you cn.
    good day .awwwh crap. it's night there

  3. I love the post,i have 1 high waisted skirt but i cant help it, i always wear it with stockings..:)

  4. i guess everyone gt their won taste..
    lollz but you cn try avoid if you cn .

  5. I love high waisted skirts, I prefer them to regular skirts.

  6. they always stand put in a way.
    regular skirts makes one look regular