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Thursday, February 17, 2011

my favorite vintage cardigans from my closet

i love vintage sweaters in many forms and colors.
  While the loose-fitting cardigan is trendy in this era, coming into its own as part of the classic twinset, many cardigans are still cut to be V-neck fitted garments that accentuated curves while hugging the waist. This is the most flattering shape you can wear, as it gives you a smooth, sexy silhouette. A loose vintage cardigan tends to drop to the hip, which can make your hips look larger while giving you a more shapeless look overall.depends on how you wear it. with leggings or with denim.
Cardigans with long ribbed hems are ideal. Ribbing is stretchy and clings to the body. One reason so many plus size women in the 1940s and 1950s look like they have amazing figures is because their sweaters featured ribbed waists and darts that accentuated the bosom, so that they looked at once slimmer and curvier than they actually were.
i was going through my wardrobe yesternight and found my long lost cardigans. bought them a while back but have never worn them. im still waiting for the perfect weather and time.* not easy at all *
here they are :-

i love the golden buttons in this.

This is one of my favorite cardigans! The color is its own blend of pewter with a touch of blue. Its shiny and silk.

and in other news ,
i decided to start a scrap book to help me in styling( please dont copy )
im cutting of pages in the magazine (never help me with your mag,it might come back 3 pages )
my first scrap looks ruffled like the look :)
this will really help when i need ideas for a shoot.
Enticed ?


  1. i love the first sweater.truly vintage . nice blog here. visit by mine

  2. thanx mbabzi. just visited yours n ilove the diy on jeans. it's fab !