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Monday, September 12, 2011


shitawa's mood board

I had vacations from blogging, it gave me time to rest and think about many things I want to change. So here it is, new layout, bigger photos and many outfits I have in mind.
I have "these" moments every year, when I feel sick of everything I want to organize things and feelings so I have everything in control. And that's what I did this for the past 2 weeks; I cleaned my closet, took a lot of stuff out to wear, reorganized mycloset and even my shoes and cleansers . It's like a fresh start every time I do this.

1. Tavi’s inspiration board for Black Book; 2. Winged cuff watch; 3. Elena Melnik for Cover Magazine; 4. Liv Tyler in Empire Records; 5. Nasomatto perfume/cologne; 6. Paloma Faith’s music video for “Upside Down“; 7. Caroline Trentini; 8. Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue UK ; 9. Hydrangeas; 10. Dior fall shoes; 11. Sailor nails by Naomi Yasuda; 12. Givenchy couture; 13. Take Ivy; 14. Wolford legwear; 15. Ferris Bueller doing “Danke Schoen”; 16. Denise Huxtable; 17. Strap denim clogs; 18. Ashley Olsen; 19. Timo Weiland backpacks
In other news, i attended the Kaveke Preiview Fashion Show. go here Nancie mwai's pictures on KavekePreviewFashionshowo and here Nick ondu's photo of Kaveke Fashion show preview to see more of what i was wearing

Shitawa Bah
                                                              Top shop Blazer
                                                             Sylvia Owori Mustard Brogue Pumps
                                                             Rebecca Taylor Bag
                                                             Mr. Price striped top
                                                             Calvin Klein Watch
                                                             Forever 21 Neck Cuff and Ring
                                                             Only Jeans
good day  


  1. thanx, wish you were there. we had so much fun !
    wish you were there. next time , im so giving you a call .