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Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day of September

I dont like this weather. It's becoming quite unpredictable for the past two days.Wednesday was like the most random day of my life. A lot of good things happened and I shared it with Linda and Beryl.
I had some photos from the Kiko Romeo Yaya Store Launch. there were free goodies there. i captured some moments while there. sorry for the  blurry pictures. I am getting a Camera soon * tired of telling you guys that*
Anne McCreath making her speech
Anabelle - ( blonde locks)

my ghanain model friend doing his thing on the walk tee :)
have a great weekend everyone. i will post what i was wearing on monday 


  1. I hear it was awesome. Monday will find me here waiting....I hear it was awesome. Monday will find me here waiting....

  2. i will not disappoint you t but it was a random plot ,so don't expect a lot

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