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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've always been a big fan of Rolex.  I could literally wear it all season long,everyday with no complaints. big watches are in, so of course I want a ton of that going on in my wardrobe this SEPTEMBER.  Although I'm not GETTing any time soon i will wait(bf promised to get me one), I decided i will show a little tit of my own. LOL. I will keep my tasteful thought with a lace balconnet bra sans padding (a pushup bra would be hella raunchy)
how i wish...
my good friend Wambui Thimba, owns one, from the day i saw it ,i have been longing for one.

wambui at John Kaveke's preview Fashion show ,zoom in on the arm

Enticed ?


  1. love the boots, Thimba is really stylish. So malikiritis ♥

  2. munira .. she always pulls it off w/ accesssories. her look is simple but comes out as elegant and chic