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Monday, April 4, 2011

an opinionated view of uhuru's interview !-(politics,guest topic )

Yesterday at 9.00 PM, Citizen TV prime-time news hosted Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, in the wake of purported hate-speech in some of his rallies and attempts by Mzalendo Kibunja to reign in on hate-speech perpetrators. Kenyans got a chance of interrogating this man, trying to figure him out. Does he stand for anything? Does he have presidential ambitions? Is he the man to watch? Is he persuasive? I personally took time to analyse the man. The potentially 'NEXT' president of this country.

Uhuru came out as a very vengeful person. This showed in his arrogant posture, and body language. His manner of speaking was rude. He looked to me like a war-lord who had conquered some territory and was now sure he can advance to win against the enemy. Uhuru Kenyatta told Julie Gichuru, upon questioning, that Kibaki won the 2007 elections squarely. This was despite Julie Gichurus reminder that one of the commissions found that nobody can say for sure that Kibaki or Raila won. I found this remark particularly defining. It cast him as a bitter person, who has not gotten over the 2007 fiasco. He still wants to go for war, yet again in 2012. He still wants to prove that Kibaki won in 2012. this interview just shocked. i had to blog out my feelings , if you saw that interview you can share your opinions.
phweks. i let that out of my chest. that was one crazy interview !
F.Y.I :
i love uhuru sense of style. he really knows how to dress ,especially the watches( that's a blogpost for another day )

a fashion blogpost coming up ... !

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  1. I know that he is the man come 2012 the more you destroy him the more stronger you make the man the interview was so good and as fact julie was not prepared for it she could not stand the man may be she wanted UK to support Raila it will never happen he is the man in 2012 come what.