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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a- z in my fashion :)

"A is for Animal Print"
From Leopard to Lizard, fashion fused with your favourite animal print is a sure hit for 2011. Even if it is a spotted scarf or a faux-fur leather hand bag, make your wardrobe roar with any of the "Big 5" animals.

L" is for "Lipstick"
Not only has he inspired obesity but now, Ronald McDonald has also inspired the fashion world with his blood red lips. It can take you from the boardroom to the bedroom [assuming you are just going to look at yourself in the mirror, nothing else] without being too much.
M" is for "Military"
Protect South Africa from any upcoming war from the comfort of your own wardrobe by purchasing anything which reminds you of the army or SAPS. From anything navy blue, embellished or cut to army patterns and harsh materials, being in the armed services has never been so fierce.

N" is for "Nineties" and nancie mwai of fashionablenotebook

O is for "opposites"
Boys looking likes girls and girls looking like trucker men is a fashion statement even I follow. If Kimberley could just get over itself and embrace Individuality then trends such as this would come into fruition with ease. Girls, opt for a more masculine look by cutting your hair into a pixie cut and purchasing clothes in neutral colours and one size bigger. For men, please get tighter clothes in bright colours- stop just before you put on a dress though.
 "P is for "perpetua
 is being recognized world wide. The Look: An oversized shirt with a lose cardigan, all tucked into a chino pair of pants.

Q is for "Queens Ball"
50's circle skirts all the rage. From vintage to very cheap, these flared dresses may look out of fashion but they will forever be a classic one can wear for many years into the future.

R is for "Rihanna"
We look to her for everything. From her edgy Mohawks to her avant-garde and rock-glam sense of fashion; Rihanna has inspired trends for both 2010 and 2011. If you are looking for a new style, get elements from Rihanna's wardrobe to have shitawa's neck breaking in astonishment.

S" is for "studs"
Rounded, spiked or rusted; Studs as a rough edge to any ensemble. Whether on a slouchy sling bag or on a statement heel, use studs [in moderation] to add a little shimmer to your look.

U" is for "underwear"
Underwear as outwear is a growing trend among celebrities and will creep its way onto Kenyans soil in about 6 years when a newer generation of teenagers will exist. We're still a bit too conservative for this but it's very fashionable nonetheless. Girdles, bras, bustier and stockings: everything that’s supposed to be covered now sees the light of day.
V" is for violet
Lilac, royal purple or midnight blue [very dark purple for all those who aren't creative]: All these colours have a link with violet which is going to be the season's colour of choice. Don't let Violet become Violent though by wearing too much of it at one time.
W” is for “widowed”
Looking like a widow by wearing headscarves and slouchy, unfitted clothing ironically breathes back life into fashion. Make it your own by experimenting with colours and styles so that you and your new found love [fashion] may life happily ever after til death not do you part.
X is for Xtra-large cardigans If I hadn't known this was a cardigan, I would've assumed it's a very furry seal-like alien come to take over the fashion industry. Cardigans are very modern and are perfect for those odd, cold summer nights.

Y” is for “Yellow”
This is a much feared colour by many fashionista’s because it is a very difficult colour to wear but, since Little Black Book is all about facing your fears, try on this daring and dramatic colour in the form of an accessory or a bag. If you are really courageous, wear it as a dress but then anything from there must be black [black figure belt, shoes and other accessories]
Z” is for “Zips”
Zips aren’t being concealed to the back of a dress or the side of the shoe. Instead, it's taking centre stage as a very aesthetic element to any accessory as seen on this bag. They are being ruffled and dyed to create a new era of clothing we cannot zip our lips about.

B is for "Berets"
Adopted by the French armed forces, berets give you a very sophisticated look. Refined with a touch of 'hippie'.   


C" is for "Culture"
Go for a crash course with culture as you experiment with tribal prints, shweshwe patterns and statement necklaces. Colour and comfort are a major element when dressing like Africa. Become a wondering tribe's person in the streets and be respected like a Queen.
D is for "Deconstruction"
It's called this for a very good reason. Deconstructed clothes are clothes which look like they were pulled apart and then sewed back together again but placed carelessly. Fashion gods such as Alexander McQueen and Viktor + Rolf pioneered this look. Just look for any strange designs or misplaced dress patterns.
E" is for "Evil"
There's a difference in worshipping the devil and looking like you do. Black clothes, leather, red lipstick, heavy mascara: All these are trends that stand in juxtaposition to the free and almost hippie feel to summer and shitawa is all about opposites.
"F is for "Frizz"
Straight hair for white girls and relaxed hair for blacks is so last season. Looking like you just got out of bed with a deranged racoon is very avant-garde right now. Simply take your comb and tease your hair until you are satisfied but remember- the shorter the strokes, the tighter the tease will be and the more texture it will attain. I would highly respect anyone who frizzes it like the lady on the right.
G is for "grannification"
Looking like your granny is very in right now. Chunky knits, round John Lennon glasses and floral patterns are everything the older generation used to wear and it is coming back in 2011. Gray hair has also been made fashion by the worlds most fashionable 12 year old: Tavi Gevinson (seen above)
H" is for "High Heels"
Im not talking about your ordinary, run-of-the-mill high heel though. I'm talking about the type of heel that could break someone's feet but have them staring at its beauty, in other words, the statement heel. Lady Gaga is the inspiration behind this trend and you can get your hands on the more humane version . me too will look for one but not those . hell on !
What I am saying is dress the way you want to dress. If you like looking like a drug addict or a hippie from the 80's, then please- by all means. It is very important that you dress in a way that makes you happy instead of doing it to impress others.
This is highly recommended by shitawa bah

K is for "Kliptown style"
Pay tribute to the men in Old Kliptown by buying their favourite shoe: The Brogue, which was a staple fashion shoe back then but now, has been transformed into a heel for women. Mr. Price offers a wide range of brogue heels under ksh 4000.00
have a great easter weekend

Crème Brûlée I

The 90's has this everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to fashion which malikiritis adores. Black's paired with bright colours, high-waist jeans and gaudy fashion accessories are everything that era in time stood for so sneak into your mothers wardrobe for the latest- or rather, most outdated fashion.



  1. cool post. S for Stylifiq and Statement jewelry

  2. thanx. will make sure i add that for the next issue of my a-z

  3. Very cute post! I am a fan of layers, bulky sweaters, googly eye glasses and booties; therefore, granny glamour is my style of choice ;-)