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Monday, April 18, 2011

fashion gone rogue : CHRISTIE BROWN

i have been really busy with school and everything around. i was doing some research (blogging) and came through this fashion designer Christie Brown  from Ghana.
I was thinking of the fact that i m now a writer at kasha magazine i need to be looking out for more african fashion now that its african inspired.
kuddos to Nancie Mwai for the great work btw!
if you havent read our magazine yet , please do
his collection is all a statement. i love statement neck pieces especiallly when my outfit is a flat one.
it is all about Embracing color with a touch of minimalism and also Embracing jewel tones with buttons with metal accents not just African inspiration but it is african :)
statement button detailed coats

button detailed dress

the statement neck pieces

i ll try to do my own DIY with my buttons collection.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love buttons, so cool. I spy a DIY botton bib necklace. woot! cant wait.

  2. this is so cool hun...the statement neckpieces are so fabulous! color block buttons is a cool D.I.Y project..

  3. I love buttons!!! I have a great collection. Will try the same. Xssy

  4. @ stylifiq. we r so going t work on that. im hoping i get a camera soon so that i ll b posting it
    @ perps. color block buttons r the best .

  5. @xrissy. make sure you make good use of ur buttons