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Monday, January 24, 2011

fuller but high fashion skirts: a must get for every nairobi woman

the weather today was unfriendly to most of out closets * i know *
i wanted to wear a skirt and thought to myself, how could i ? the weather was quite unfriendly. then i remd, i have a full skirt that i love. 
 There's something to be said about the saying "less is more," and Spring's fervor for full skirts has me on board. Designers like Vena Cava, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Proenza Schouler showed modest, lady-like hemlines for Spring, and i could not wait to start wearing the trend especially into Vena Cava's pairing with chunky flatforms and a crop top, left, and Marc by Marc Jacobs's classic approach. Stock up on some full skirts now with my freshly culled picks

more of these skirts. just go
good day.

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