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Thursday, April 12, 2012


today, i will advise you on Nail polish and colours. Nail polish color can be described as colorful, there are thousands of colors to choose from ,I always notice everyone having a hard time choosing a color you can come to learn the basics of nail polish colors before you application of these.

In general, the color of nail polish color can be divided into as follows:

a. Red Series Nail Polish

Grape: This is universal color of nail polish, every one will get beautiful when paint it. This deep color can cover the nick of nail, make you looks more fair. Even don't wear the jewelry, it also can appear the female's charm.
Pink: pink nail polish emanate a romantic shows lovely, do not forget to wear some lovely jewelry. Pink nail polish is easy to match with.

Green Series Nail Polish

Dark green: This color suitable for short nails, make the people feel Cool, too longer nails painted dark green give people a sick, dirty feeling(just make sure the nails about 0.2CM). If you want to develop the individual don't miss it.

Metallic Nail Polish

Gold is a summer favourite and certainly adds glamour all year round. Gold is a very warm colour, and those who wear it can be seen as successful, outgoing, sociable types, especially at parties. Silver can be a more restrained colour, and has been another celebrity trend of late. Like its wearer, silver nail polish is highly sophisticated and versatile, and demonstrates a quiet inner strength.

Black nail polish

Black nail polish performance of a mysterious, wild, charm, sexy and treason. If you are sicken of repetitive, monotonous life, want to give someone big surprise, black is the best choice!

Clear nail polish

This nail polish gives a clean, fresh and natural feeling. If you do not like too much decorate, but want nail looks brighter and clean, then there is no doubt to choose a clear color nail polish.

Far from being the uniform you dutifully paint on every few days, nail polish colours are a way to make statement about who you are, and you can have a lot of fun playing with the different nail varnish colours to find the one that makes you feel most confident. Just like people, nail colours have distinct personalities, so the next time you're shopping for a new colour, try experimenting with a shade you thought you'd never wear - you might just find it becomes your firm new favourite.



  1. Forgive me but all I can see when I look is how gorgeous your shoes are :-)