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Saturday, February 4, 2012

munira's contribution : My birthday

Hello people, its been a minute since i posted here, i know, right . i had to do something, my sister Shitawa is pretty pissed at me for taking so long to post something. *I love you siz *

I had a birthday party last year, these are the photos from the archives and BTW, my mum is sick. I would like you guys to pray for her. She means everything to me,my sister and my family.

Thanks alot.

I love the feeling of warmth and to wear a simple dress and feel great, I'm already excited thinking about spring, every year I lied myself thinking that it's really near :S I leave you with more photos of my London birthday , is like if I was there for a month at least!

J'aime la sensation de chaleur et le plaisir de porter une robe simple et de se sentir bien, je me rejouis déjà rien qu'á pensé au printemps et comme chaque année je me fais croire qu'il est dejá sur le point d'arriver :S Je vous laisse avec plus de photos de London, à croire que j y'ai passé plus d'un moins!



PS: My sister and I have decided to be posting some posts in French, but we will be transalting in the same post, just like in this one.

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