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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MUST GET ! eclectic fashion jewelry

hallo ,i know its been a while since i last blogged , but i ve been busy having shoots
today im all about jewelryWhen it comes to jewelry, my themes are opulence and excess. Whether it’s the use of eye-catching color, unexpected sparkle, or simply piling it on, summer jewelry is all about statement, statement, statement!
  • Bracelets: Neon friendship bracelets circa 1995 are making a comeback! Our favorite camp projects have gone glam with the infusion of stones and glittery tinsel, the brighter the better! Also hot: anything braided, oversized (think wide metal cuffs!), or stacked. In keeping with the theme, why wear one bracelet if you can wear six?! The combination of kitschy friendship bracelets, a bangle or three, and last winter’s boyfriend watch is glamorous and fresh. Eclectic fashion at its best!
  • Rings: If you live for cocktail jewelry, stock up! It’s not at all unusual to see stylish ladies rocking multiple rings on a single hand! Double-finger connecter styles, animal-inspired, and mixed-media pieces are amongst the trendiest styles. Unsure of where to begin? Try wearing rings on your thumb and ring fingers. The end result is fabulously over-the-top, but the distance between your digits will keep the look uncluttered. Bonus summer tip: Invest in rings in many sizes. We love the look of a single, especially chunky piece worn on the index finger.
  • Necklaces: When it comes to picking a trendy  necklace, keep in mind that more is more! In contrast to previous seasons’ dainty pieces, this  is all about excess. From chains, to layers, to oversized gems, royal-inspired, extra large pieces are stealing the show. There’s no better time to wear some of this eye-catching jewelry than in tank-top and strapless dress season!

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