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Monday, June 20, 2011

4 must-have shoes for school:

 A student from Peponi School emailed me a question recently :

Hi shitawa , do you know the most stylish shoes i can wear to school all through ? Help.

Yes school’s about to start (for those in G.C.S.E schools), but no, that doesn’t mean that fashion needs to come as an unreleased desire until school’s over again. Every girl needs to keep being fashionable at school too, even if there are some limits you can still be a fashion icon for the rest by choosing an undefined personal style that shows your true self. I recommend

1.All Star Converse

Talk to every person you know and you’ll see that they all walked through high school in chucks. Why? Simple. They’re a classic item, they’re going to hold you a long time even if you wear them everyday everywhere and let’s not talk about how comfortable they are. Somehow guys find hot girls in chucks. Why? Who knows, but they do. So keep the heels for occasions and take your sneakers everyday.

If you want to look more out of the ordinary, Converse may help you on that. Instead of wearing a pair of casual jeans, choose an easy dress or a skirt, take on a denim jacket and some cool vintage sunglasses, add a messenger bag and you’ve got all eyes on you at school. in kenya


2.Grunge Booties

The typical grunge style may be a little hardcore for preppy girls, but let’s just say that the pretty princess teenage era is totally out. Badass girls take the lead now, but of course, in a more fashionable and classy way.
Be grunge, yet be beautiful. It’s easy. Grunge booties are perfect for  rainy days, because in sneakers we may get cold and in keels we may get crazy until we get to school, that’s why these booties are helpful, comfortable and extremely chic. Wear them with skinny jeans, add a baggy tee band, a few bracelets, cute pony-tale hairstyle to attach a feminine side and a large bag. Over you can easily take a leather jacket, cardigan or a simple vest if it’s not too cold. For make-up choose to go natural and add a little eyeliner, it will emphasize the style you’re looking for in your outfit. or also Mr. Price

3.Oxford Shoes

You may think that this trend it’s only here for a few seasons and there’s no need to invest too much in it because you’ll waste your money, but that’s not exactly true. Oxford shoes are a classic item, but this year it became a must-have shoe and everyone started loving them, yet until then not many were into mostly because of the masculine image that they attach, but if you’re a lover of them, than don’t think for a second that those money are just a waste, if you truly like them than you’ll wear them a lot.

Whether you choose to go with a basic outfit, skinny jeans and simple top or you prefer to entertain through your style, with a cute colorful skirt, a mini cardigan, cropped top and a nice oversized bag, the effect is the same, you’ll shine through your shoes easily.


Here im not talking december when it's hot  we’re almost in july and it's already cold.It’s going to be very cold and in this season you’ll think that fashion doesn’t count when you’re freezing outside. That’s why you need to buy yourself good clothes in time that will go with the rest of your wardrobe and not choose for one or two head-to-toe looks.

Boots are essentials and here there’s no economic crisis that will stop you from buying the right pair of shoes, because money don’t count and good quality is incommensurable with those that will hold you less than two months. Choose wisely and right. Go for classic boots, with not too many details because if you take a pair with lots of zippers or studs, the next year you may think it’s out of fashion, so in order to not have this problem, basic is your choice.
 hope you ll ve been enticely answered.
 Keep the questions coming.
good day.

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