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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Lady with Class ( Grace Mugabe )

I know she has probably been in the bad books of everyone because of ..with ...
N'hu that's not my concern ,i concetrate with fashion. had never googled this woman and when i did, i was impressed. her fashion sense is alluring :) she speaks out for the elderly women out there.
check this out .

her shades are 200,00

she's wearing a couture court. customized. the only other person who has it is Queen Elizabeth :)

but do we say ? Kofi Ansah ! there there .

in milan, shopping


  1. I like this woman, very nice dressing indeed

  2. if you notice, the style isnt changing nor evolving; just intermixed. prints, binded details. and that tie up belt. all these recurr a fair bit in most of her fotos. hhhmmm l dont know. very predictable. check out sheikha mozah. i think that is a tsteful woman. its varied. diverse. multi facetted